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Dog Training

When you consider working with a dog trainer, it is important to understand the ideas guiding their training methods.  How a trainer interacts with dogs, and the tools that they use, will determine the way they will treat and train your dog.  These ideas will influence the relationship you will have with your dog throughout their lifetime.

When training we use a clicker or verbal marker to help expedite the learning process between dog and handler.  We do not use choke chains or jerk and pull methods.   Dogs should respond out of their willingness to please rather than a fear of correction, dogs are anxious to please if they understand what you're asking of them.  We are here to help show you how to bridge that communication gap. 

We offer local group classes as well as private instruction for basic obedience, nose-work, agility, behavior problems and more.  

Even better, when you choose to work with us.  We dive even deeper offering you a complimentary health and wellness consult just for you and your dog!  During this time we chat about diet, sleeping habits, stress reducers, as well as doTERRA Essential Oils and how they can support you and your pup along this journey.

Meet Your Trainers    (click  pictures to learn    more)

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See what others are saying:

I had to admit I was a little afraid of entering a puppy class.  I'd seen other trainers doing it and it looked like no fun for the puppies or owners.  BUT Bree makes it fun and the puppies learn amazingly fast.  By keeping it fun, light and yet still precise the puppies (and sometimes the owners) catch on very quickly.  The puppies really ENJOY it, and they are learning to be good dogs that can become family members.  Most of all it's fun and I never thought that young puppies could learn - but they are just little sponges waiting for information.  Bree teaches YOU how to communicate with your puppy so they can be good dogs, not destructive dogs!  And it's delightful to see the little light bulbs go on when your puppy gets it.    Bree keeps it enjoyable, to keep you and your puppy happy!  


~ Debbie & Miki

We have never had a small inside dog, and we were very unsure how to properly train our new puppy.  We enlisted the services of “Pawsitive Principles Dog Training”, and Bree was exactly what we needed!!  She came to our home on a weekly basis for several weeks, training our puppy with kindness and knowledge. She then would instruct us on the follow-up to make sure the training was working properly until her next visit.  Each time she came she worked on another command i.e. sit, stay, etc. reinforcing the training from the previous week.  In a very short period of time, we now have a well-trained, obedient dog that is a pleasure to be around, and can interact well in any given situation.  We recommend Bree very highly, she is a miracle worker!!

- Ann and Jim Browne

I can not say enough about Bree’s training as it has turned my almost 6 year old dog around.   My veterinary recommended taking her to a dog behaviorist for her issues, but I decided that what she really needed was for us to be trained on how together to over come her issues.  I then went on a search for the right place and with the help of the AKC found Bree and that is when the miracle happened.   Annie went from "Miss Bounce" to "I think I will listen to my owner after all".    We have navigated beginning obedience, intermediate obedience, rally (this was a fun way to start having some extra fun with Annie), and now we are getting ready to do have some fun with Agility. I can not say more about the program and I surely hope that before you take your dog to another trainer take him or her to Bree instead.  Thank you Bree!

Always,   Jeri & Annie the German Wirehaired Pointer 

I had a lot of fears and concerns about leaving our 6 month old puppy for the first time, but Bree Beery's Board and Train facilities are very clean, safe, and well run. I was able to check in with her as much as I wanted while I was away. Our puppy got plenty of exercise and love, and imagine this: she returned home far better mannered than when we left her!


Jacqueline Lloyd & Brigid the Black Lab
Author, The Thief of Sacred

With two Pitbulls people can be very cautious of my dogs. However, with the help of our trainer, Bree, my two Pitties are making a better name for the breed.  I love the positive training methods she uses and my dogs respond so well to it.  Bree has trained Shorty since Puppy Kindergarten.  He has come from a crazy little puppy to a big boy now in Agility. Once I saw how great Shorty was doing with Bree I decided my 3 year old, Roxie, could use a little retraining herself. Roxie and Shorty love their “Aunty” Bree.  Bree is a great trainer and working in an animal hospital, I am often recommending our clients to Bree for some FUN and Positive Training. 

- Cassie Rullmann with Roxie and Shorty

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