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Conformation - Falling Branch A Force To Be Reckoned With
Herding - Hatcreek Rumor Has It
Agility - CR's Moulin Masquerade von Hartzgraff
Nosework - Breezy Meadows A Reason To Believe
doTERRA On Guard Dog
RR True Believer

Meet Bree

Hi there!

I think getting to know the person you are considering working with is super important.  So I wanted to introduce myself a bit more!

I am, what I call, a holistic positive dog trainer.  We all have different passions, mine is to bring people and their pets to the next level in training.  Giving people the skills to create behaviors that they love, with the pets that they adore—all the while being contentious of the overall health and wellness of our pets.  


Going global with our training program was the next step in reaching those who need our services.  So many people are turning to healthy alternatives for themselves, why would we not offer the same for our pets?

Whether training with me in person or online, the people who choose to work with me, are those looking for positive solutions to having a well-behaved dog in the home (we all want well-behaved dogs, right?), as well as natural support for health and wellness.

My husband Chris and I have been married for over 27 years, and we have two amazing sons, Trevor and Ryan.


The boys are now in college. 


Both were very active in high school sports, water polo and swimming.  Both have attended the USA Waterpolo Junior Olympics numerous times.  


Trevor and Ryan were avid participants in Boy Scouts, both earning the rank of Eagle.  Though the boys have aged out of scouting,  Chris and I continue to volunteer our time to ensure other boys have the same outstanding experience. 


Being present for our family is extremely important to us.

We have four dogs ranging in age from 12 years to 7 months.  Our pack is made up of two Border Collies, Rumor & Reason, and three Russell Terriers Reckon, Savvy & Washington.  Plus, we can't leave out the cats...Charlotte, and Kitten (yes, she does have a real name, Lucy, but no one calls her that).  We also have a dozen hens and a rooster.

Over the years I have competed in many venues, including obedience, rally, agility, conformation, herding, racing, earth dog, nose-work, and more!   


A Little History

My love of animals started early, and I have been involved on one level or another since then.  Through my childhood into my early twenties I was an avid equestrian, competing in 3 Day Eventing.  My love of horses led me to teaching riding lessons for people of all ages. A riding accident slowly made me transition out of competing, but it did lead me to my passion in training dogs.

As a dog trainer, I have been working in my field for over 25 years,  my business Pawsitive Principles Training & Wellness has been a staple in our small town for over 17 years, which led us to share online, so we could help more people and their dogs.  We offer online classes, behavior modification, stay & train, private instruction, group obedience classes, agility, rally, nose-work, conformation handling, and more!

Just over 11 years ago, I was having some personal health issues (partly stemming from my riding accident in my twenties) and I was looking for natural options to support myself.  I had used essential oils before but had never had the results that I desired.  My friends would tell you, I went "kicking and screaming" to my first doTERRA class.  But you know what, when I left there, I had this feeling in my gut that these little bottles just may be the answer to my prayers....little did I know the magnitude of that change!

Fast forward to today...WOW...I can honestly say that doTERRA has permanently changed my life and my family's life...two and four-legged.  doTERRA allows me to continue to do what I love, which is helping others with their dogs, providing the natural solutions that so many people crave in their lives.  I wish I could say that dog training could provide the long-term financial freedom I was seeking for myself and my family, but the reality is, it cannot.  BUT doTERRA can and is!!


Back in the "early days" of doTERRA, if you asked me if I would ever "sell" the oils, I would have told you that you were crazy, who has time for that?  Guess what? Here we are, I sell essential oils and with the lives that I impact by doing so, I would not change it for the world!! 

doTERRA has allowed us to build a residual income while staying true to myself and my passions.  I teach people a lifestyle change, that impacts every member of their family and I can teach you this too!


I take great pride in educating others on how to make healthy, safe, alternative choices with their pets when it comes to wellness, even more awesome, is that we see unparalleled results when we pair essential oils and training together.  For me, it was a perfect match!

I can honestly say I have the BEST JOB, and I am thrilled that I get to share my knowledge with YOU!  

                                                                                  ~ Bree

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