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Getting Started

Over the years, I had "tried" essential oils, and just never saw the results that I thought I should have.  Then the day came that I was introduced to doTERRA.  Let's be honest....I basically went kicking and screaming to my first class.  Little did I know that I would leave with a starter kit ordered and a complete mind shift.  I started small, with what is now called the Family Essentials Kit, guess what?  I went all in using oils for myself and my family and I needed to replace almost all my oils the following month.  If I only knew then, what I know now!  If you have questions, let me help you, that is what I am here for!  I love sharing doTERRA and changing lives every day.   If you have not yet downloaded your EO Cheat Sheet for Dogs, click on the "Yes, Please!!" above for your freebie!

  • Which is the best option for me?
    Retail - This is a great option for those that plan on only ordering 1-2 oils per year. Wholesale - If you plan on ordering 3 or more oils per year, then a Wholesale Membership is the way to go. You will instantly save 25% off of retail prices and you even have the option to save more with our optional Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). Cost for the first year is $35, or you can sign up with a starter kit to have the membership fee waived. - If you love essential oils and you can't help but share with others, then this is the right choice for you! You have the potential of getting your oils paid for each month, have some extra spending money, or even replacing your income. The sky is the limit if you are willing to do the work. Bonus, when working with me, I am here to mentor you along this path. For more information, I invite you to Contact Me direct or visit my doTERRA Site.
  • Do you only share essential oils for animals?
    I actually share essential oils for pets and the people who love them, but not everyone on our team is animal crazy like me. We have a well rounded group of people that share essential oils for people and pets. What I love is that we can share for everyone in the family, two and four legged!
  • Do I have to spend a minimum amount of money each month with a Wholesale Membership?
    You are not required to have a minimum purchase each month. You are in control of your account. If you want to earn money with doTERRA, then I will teach you all the ins and outs of how to make that happen.
  • Can't I just buy essential oils at the healthfood store or on Amazon?
    I HIGHLY recommend that you avoid essential oils that have not been 3rd party tested to be of the purest, therapuetic grade quality. Oils at the healthfood or grocery store are not regulated, and could prove to be very harmful to you and your pets. Always, always, always read you labels.
  • Where do you buy your bottles, reference books ect?"
    For this purpose I do use Amazon (remember, not the oils themselves...that is a no-no). I invite you to use my Amazon Affiliate Link to see some of my favorite EO products. Yes, when you shop through my link, I do get a small kickback from Amazon, which I appreciate very much. Check out my top pics here.
  • I am on a tight budget, where should I start?"
    For those just starting out, and not sure what to purchase, my "go-to" oils are Lavender and Frankincense. Both of these oils pack a punch, and are good for many situations. If you have specific concerns for your pet that you would like advise on, contact me so that I can help guide you with the right choice for your pets needs.
  • What essential oil company do you use?
    We only use and recommend doTERRA Essential Oils. This decision was made after using MANY other brands over the years and not getting the results that I was expecting. Once I experienced doTERRA, I knew this was the company for me and my family.
  • Can I join your team if I am already signed up as a wholesale customer?
    Joining our team is for those that do not have a current doTERRA account. If you already have an account, and are looking for continued education opportunities, feel free to check out our online training options.
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