Cats and essential oils
Litter Box Power
1-2 drops chosen oil
1 cup baking soda
Allow mix to rest overnight in glass jar.
Add 1Tbsp. of mix to litter box daily.

Tummy Tamer

1-2 drops Digestive Blend EO

2 Tbsp carrier oil

Combine in glass container, apply to rear pads and on tummy as needed for support.

Many people will be stuck in the quandry of "if" and "how" to use essential oils with their cats.  You will find conflicting information on the internet, which makes it hard for you to know what is right or wrong. 

From our research, using first party material, the key is using theraputic grade oils that are third party tested to be pure.  If you are new to EO's, it is important to educate yourself on the different grades available to you.  The quality absolutely makes a difference, especially when using with or around our cats and other pets. 
Cats cannot metabolize most products that enter their body.  Their livers do not have the enzymes to break down certain chemicals (natural or synthetic).  The liver will store substances that are not recognized, which can lead to toxicity and other problems such as tumors and imbalances in the body. 

When we hear about issues using essential oils, most problems stem from the use of low quality essential oils.  Most EO products on the market are riddled with synthetic components, this makes them dangerous for everyone.  When used, we see major issues in our pets and ourselves.  This is why it is extremely important to read the labels of ALL products we choose to use and be educated in what is safe for our pets.
When using pure certified essential oils topically with our cats, it is always important to DILUTE before use.  Dilution ratio's will very when you research the topic, we choose to go with 1-2 drops in 2 tablespoons carrier oil.  Our choice carrier oil is unrefined organic coconut oil.
We choose to use the oils as needed, for specific reasons/problem, in a highly diluted form.  When choosing which oil to use, I always go with the milder options first, such as lavender, frankincense or helichrysum.  Only going to oils with higher phenols and eugenols on a case by case basis and only when absolutely necessary.
If you are in doubt about using EO's on your cats, then my best advice to you is to do your own research using FIRST HAND rescources.  Books written specifically for pets using pure essential oils.  Go with what YOU feel is right, do not be pressured by others. Education is key.  You are your pets best advocate, always remember this.
Resource publications we use:
Janet Roark, DVM
Mia K. Frezzo, DVM
Jan C. Jeremias, MSc.
Melissa Shelton, DVM