Training Gear

When working with PPTW here are some of the items that we recommend to help simplify your training with your dog (at home or in class).

If you need to purchase any of these items, check the links below or visit our Amazon Affiliate  Note: we do get a kickback from Amazon when you shop with us,. and we appreciate it.  Thank You!

What your dog needs to wear:

  • 6 ft leash (no flexi's)

  • flat collar - buckle or snap (no choke or pinch)

  • Snoot Loop* Head Halter (may be recommended)

  • Sensation Harness* (may be recommended)

* These our preferred items of use and may only be ordered online, these are not found in local stores. 


What you need to wear:

  • Comfortable clothing and flat rubber-soled, close-toed shoes

  • Treat Pouch / Bait Bag

  • Bring a can get cold!

Additional items needed:

  • LOTS of yummy soft treats (non-crumbly)

  • Mat/towel/blanket for you and your dog to sit on while working

  • Crate (recommended for obedience and required for Nosework, Rally, and Agility)

  • Water bowl and water 



Training Treats


Training Gear


Dog Crates & Puppy Pens

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