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Dogs and doTERRA Essential Oils
Your dog is worth the world to you, whether they are your working companion or holding down the couch.  Regardless of their "job" they are our family and they deserve only the best that we can provide.
Our goal is to give our dogs the longest, healthiest lives possible.  We believe the key is prevention of illness and maintaning good health.
What we share, should never replace the advice of your veterinarian.  Our focus is on maintaning the overall well being of our pets, complimenting what our veterinarians have to offer, with the use of essential oils.
Ready to take your oil education to the next level?   Stay tuned for our soon to be released Dogs 101 Online Training.
Flea & Tick Repellent

(I do not recommend putting on collars)


4-6 drops Cedarwood
4-6 drops Lemongrass
Add oils to 4oz glass spray bottle, fill half with apple cider vinegar, half with distilled water.
Shake before each us, apply as needed.
Soothing Shampoo
3oz. Castile Soap
2oz. Apple Cider Vinegar
2oz. Distilled water
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Roman Chamomile
Wash and rinse.
Tummy Tamer
1 can Pure Pumkin
1 ice cube tray
Digestive Blend EO
Spoon pumkin into ice cube tray, add 1 drop Digestive Blend to each cube.  Freeze, use as needed.
Boo Boo Spray
1/4 each:
Fractionated Coconut Oil
Mix all into a glass bottle, shake before use.
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