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Is Your Dog Out of Control?

This week is for all those with dogs that are just driving you crazy, the hyper dogs that don’t let you rest, those that constantly pester you or push your buttons.

There has been a large upswing in this problem with so many people still working from home. Trying to manage the dogs, the kids, the spouse, the house, the yard work…the list goes on.

Today I can help you with the stress of all of that AND calming the crazy of the dog.

As of late, I have been recommending to my personal clients the need to incorporate doTERRA Copaiba Essential Oil into their daily regimen, and here is why…

Copaiba is an excellent go-to choice to help everyone calm and think better. It is a sister plant to hemp and works on the nervous system, as well as the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems. This little oil packs a big punch. AND even better, you do not have to worry about trace amounts of THC as you may need to in CBD.

For the dogs that are just off the charts, won’t settle, and they are giving you a run for your money, this oil just may be the part of the puzzle to help change that.

I like to give Copaiba internal (always after proper acclimation, if you are not familiar, then you should consider my Dogs 101 Online Course to learn more). I always start with one drop twice per day, this is because oils are not time-released, if I give it with each meal (recommended) then I am allowing for better “coverage”, which results in less up and downswing. Consistent use is a good preventative and you are not “chasing” the problem.

With the start of that one drop per meal, I then wait a couple of days, then add another etc. I then gauge what is the right drop count for my dog.

Another great support for everyone in the home is to diffuse doTERRA Adaptiv Essential Oil. This is a must-have for any stressful day… diffusing will help everyone in the household, you, the kids, the spouse, the dog.

And my last helpful EO hint of the day is the use of Copaiba Capsules or Adaptiv Capsules. If you have a dog over 30lbs, these are also an option for you to use. I would not do both at the same time to start, I would choose one and test it out over a 3-5 day period. Then I would do the same with the opposite and see which works best.

doTERRA also has an “Adaptiv System”, which comes with the 15ml oil bottle, the Capsules, as well as a 15ml roller bottle that is already diluted and ready to use topically.

It is also important to note, the Adaptiv Oil is NOT for internal use, the capsules are a slightly different formula made for internal consumption.

The great thing about essential oils, they do not counteract each other, and being all-natural, once they are out of the system, they are gone. No need to worry about overdoing it.

So there you go! If you have a crazy, out-of-control dog, or even one that is nervous about life, these solutions can be super helpful to help support your dog daily.

Not yet working with someone in doTERRA and want to get your hands on these amazing products to give them a go in your home, all you have to do is click on the Ask Bree at the top of the page to contact me and I will help you out, setting you up with the option to save money with a wholesale account PLUS all the perks that go along with being part of our doTERRA Family.


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