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Should You Give Your Dog Turmeric?

TRAINING TUESDAY!!!! With all the BOGO crazy, I almost forgot to do our Training Tuesday post!! So to answer the question....YES! You should give it to your dogs. Which leads us into talking about today's BOGO. Buy TURMERIC, get LAVENDER -F R E E- !! Can I get a wooo hooooo! Cost for the two wholesale = $28.00 Cost for the two retail = $37.77 So basically if you have been on the fence about buying todays BOGO, let me give you some reasons why you should! TURMERIC seems to have a million different properties...ok, maybe it does not have million, but what properties it does have packs a big punch! - Natural tissue support - Increase antioxidants - Neuroprotective - Cellular antioxidant enhanc

My Top 3 Bad Weather Toys, PLUS Calming Oils

It' TRAINING TUESDAY!!!! Since the wind is howling outside and most everyone is hunkered down around here, I thought I would share some tips on keeping the pups entertained and calm. I have used these same tips when it is super hot outside, pouring rain and more. Granted, we don't live where is snows, but for So Cal, we can get below freezing (my back East friends are snickering right now....I know we have it easy) which means we should always have a plan of attack to keep our dogs entertained. Or in other words have stuff to keep them busy so they don't drive us crazy!! LOL I am going to share a few of my favorite toys. I am going to start with one that most people may not want to actua

What Could You Do With $50 in FREE Oils?

This month doTERRA has once again provided us with an amazing offer!! If you do not have a wellness account, or you yourself are a Wellness Advocate, then you want to keep reading. For those without an account, this is the PERFECT month for you to take advantage of this special offer. If you sign up for a new wholesale account, spending at least 100pv (need help figuring out the "pv" thing...let me know), you will get $50 in FREE OILS!!! The 50pv is good to spend as early as next month, just in time for holiday gifts! Win-Win!! Now, if you already have a wholesale account or are an active Wellness Advocate, this month is the perfect time to share doTERRA. This is ideal for those friends

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