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Impulse Control

Today’s topic popped into my head because I have a four-legged visitor here for a couple of days while his new dog momma is out of town.

He is an 8-month-old border collie cattle dog cross, which means he is VERY full of energy. Part of him being here is for me to evaluate him and give her some advice on training moving forward.

With him being an under-socialized rescue, she has been doing a great job getting him out and about but let me share what I saw.

Here is a little history… he bolts in and out of doors and the crate was used as a punishment (which is not to say that this was wrong, but a balance is needed). I was also told he has a tendency to resource guard his food bowl (though that has not come up while here).

Sooooo let's chat about impulse control. THIS is what I see with the door bolting, crate problems, and yes even the potential food bowl issue.

Sometimes problems arise and get labeled due to previous trauma, not to say that those problems don’t exist in many cases, but dogs can be quirky and opportunistic especially when we are treading lightly due to past trauma.

Here is the thing, since COVID I have seen more dogs with impulse control issues than ever before. It is really just recently that I am seeing the pattern.

My take on it is, our dogs got so used to us being around all the time, and in many cases, their people were at their beck and call. So in some cases, this created behaviors that we don’t necessarily love.

In the case of my little visitor, I would speculate that it was never clear (as in he didn’t know his job) how he was supposed to behave when going in and out of doors or the crate. Within a couple of hours (yes, all positive training AND using treats as a reward) he has been rock solid with a self-imposed wait when going in and out of the house door and the crate.

I truly believe he JUST DIDN’T KNOW. It was never broken down in a way that he understood, this is a common problem that I am seeing.

So the point to my story… if you have a dog that lacks impulse control, be it rushing out of the door, jumping up on people, heck even stealing food, in many instances, they may just not know their job. Once you have broken it down, made what is expected black and white, their success level goes up.

Need help in the training department… check out the bottom of this email.


Today I want to share a little bit about doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil.

I actually have some super exciting news to share about it…drum roll, please….

Our Lavender is the FIRST essential oil in the world to be granted Pharmaceutical Grade by the FDA. Yup, you heard that right!!

No other companies can do what we have done, as they have not put in the time, the research, and the science behind the products as doTERRA has done.

Lavender is just the first of many to come in the future. THIS will change how many will view essential oils moving forward.

Did you know that 2/3rd of the lavender oil on the market is highly adulterated and poor quality? doTERRA now officially recognized the highest quality on the planet.

So how can you use it?

Let’s just say that this oil is the Swiss Army Knife of EO’s. For the purpose of supporting impulse control issues, I would diffuse daily for calming support.

Interested in learning more? I will be hosting an online Masterclass starting October 18th. The online class will run live for 3 days and the recording will be accessible for an additional 2 days for all the want to learn more about EOs with their pets.

Make sure to join my Paws 4 Essential Oils FB group so you don’t miss out on the fun!

(If you are already a member, you are good to go! If you need to join, don’t forget to answer the questions to be added).

Until next week my friends!!

~ Bree

Ps. Don’t miss my Wellness Wednesday LIVE via my Paws 4 Essential Oils FB group, happening every Wednesday at 12pm PST.




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