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Is Your Dog a Piranha?

Today I wanted to chat about a topic that just came up in our Free Dog Training and Wellness FB group, during my free masterclass.

It was about those dogs that take treats like they are piranhas.  The ones that you fear you are going to lose a finger just trying to give them a cookie…which is not very rewarding for us right?

In the group I shared my favorite method, which is a flat hand delivery, there is actually a FB live where I break it down.

Today I want to share a second method for those that are just over the top and the flat hand does not work (remember, all dogs are different, and that means not all methods work for one dog)

This version involves using a spoon.  While placing the treat at the end, you deliver the treat.  As your dog is chomping down on the metal, they will not really like that sensation, which will cause them to back off the next round.  Which is why you repeat.

For some dogs, it can be helpful to add the cue “gentle” as you practice this with the spoon.  I personally prefer to use no verbal, as I do not want to micro-manage my dog.  But again, all dogs are different and I would make that call for the individual I am training.

I would systematically work the spoon back out of the way, leaving my fingers and the treat accessible for the dog and in turn, success taking treats softly.  With regression, I would reintroduce the spoon and work forward.  Remember baby steps.



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