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Catch Me If You Can: Picking Up A Little Dog

Many of us own little dogs, or know people who do.  It is also quite common for little dogs to have issues with hands coming at them.

Many times, this grows into other issues like not coming when called, darting away when you go to pick them up, staying just out of arms reach.

Want to know why? 

Imagine it from the dog's view….here is a GIANT stooping over them to scoop them off the ground.  In their world, this is a flight or fight moment on the food chain.  Yes, it could be argued that they should know that we are not going to hurt them, but nature has its way of self-preservation. 

 So, what do you do?

It is super easy, instead of bending over, it is time to get in the habit of squatting down.  This brings you low, without hovering over the dog. 

Want to add one more item that will be icing on the cake?

Turn to your side as you do this, by doing so, you take the pressure off of the dog and they are more likely to come up to your side. 

I do highly recommend paying for this behavior with something that is rewarding to your dog, could be a little game of tug or maybe a treat.  The point is to make coming into your bubble fun for the dog, this way they will do it again and again.



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