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EO's and Dogs...They May Surprise You!


Today I want to talk about introducing EO's to your dogs. I am blessed to have a thriving online business helping people and their pets, but what is even more fun is when I get to meet with them in person!

First a little back story that prompted my share today. Last night I met with one of my private clients with their 3 frenchies, two of the dogs are sibling males, and they are having some behavioral issues, to include fighting. Our first consultation was spent discussing the situation, recognizing the triggers, and the modifications that needed to happen to move forward. This included a diet change, crates being used for eating and sleeping, time out protocols and more. I am happy to share that they did an excellent job moving forward from our first visit a week ago.

On our second visit (last night) we moved into additional skills sets, tweaked what we had going to taylor the behavior modification to what they dogs needed, as well as introducing 4 different calming oils to help them keep the boys under threshold during this training process.

What happened next was just CRAZY!

I always have samples on me when I teach, this allows me to share when needed without having to go and collect my oils. Most dogs are drawn to my bag due to the EO smells permeating from it. The frenchies were no different.

I pulled out my bag and all 3 dogs were glued to me. I selected Vetiver, Balance, Serenity, and Cedarwood. Normally I follow my acclimation protocol with placing the bottles spaced out on the floor, as this allows the dogs to give me a good indicator of which oil(s) they prefer.

I chose to start with Vetiver first, as this is my normal go-to for the problems at hand. I literally could not put the bottle down!! Had I done so, I have no doubt that one fo them would have eaten it!! All three were trying to lick the oil from the bottle. A pretty good indicator that this was a good choice.

So I moved on to sharing Balance....once again, no way I could put the bottle down. They were just as crazy excited about Balance. So I mentally added Balance to the list of good to use oils for them.

Moving onto the bottle of Serenity, once again, same results. 3 out of 3 thus far....not the normal odds when testing out oils.

Pulling out my last choice, Cedarwood. I figured there would finally be an oil that at least one of them turned away from....nope, I was dead wrong!

Just goes to show you that every dog, or in this case, group of dogs is different and that we as educators, animal lovers, name it, need to be flexible and go with what the dogs are "telling" us.

Instead of sending the family home with just one or two samples, they went home with all 4 and a loaner diffuser, giving them the tools to test out the different oils in their home to see what works best for them.

I love what I do, and the clients who I work with!

For more information on proper acclimation of EO use with pets, visit our Acclimation & Safety page.

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