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Travel with Dogs - How To Make It Less of a Challenge

Make sure to read to the end, where I have a freebie for you to help with your doggy adventures.

If you have been following me long enough, you know that I am all about safety (see my blog post - Crate Safely) when it comes to our dogs, be it at home or on the road.

So back to our weekend adventure, we packed up the burb with four dogs (the 3 border collies, and Reckon the Russell), two teenagers (the size of full-grown men), the hubby, and I.  PLUS all the necessary "things" to spend a weekend at a cabin, in the snow.  Oh and let's not forget my kids add in all their gear too!  YIKES!!

If you read my Crate Safely blog, you know that my dogs ride in crates.  This is where being a "master packer" comes into play.  I will brag just a little.... I have the strangest knack for packing up cars, it is like real-life Tetris.  Somehow I always manage to get things to fit.  This past weekend was no exception!

Now, the nonideal part of this was that I had to use my soft crates to get everything to fit (or smooshed in if you really want to know).  This also meant that I didn't have room to bring additional hard crates, which led to more work packing and unpacking dog crates than I really wanted.  BUT this is what you do when you want to spend the weekend away with your peeps and your pups.

Things to consider when traveling with your dogs:

1. When looking at places to stay, make sure they are dog friendly. 

Are dogs allowed to stay?  Do they have a fenced yard? Do they offer "extras" for your pup?  

Looking for a dog-friendly quaint cabin in Big Bear CA, this is where we stayed this past weekend and we can't wait to go back!

2. Bring your dog "stuff".

I always travel with collars on your dog that has ID tags, plus attach your leashes to the outside of the crate for ease of access and in case of emergency.

Don't forget your dog food and bowls. 

Let's talk water..... I highly recommend bringing bottled water, either from the tap at home (their normal water) or purchased from the store.  This will eliminate any possible dietary upset that could be caused by drinking water that their systems are not accustomed to.

Additional items would include poop bags, chew toys, treats, crates, bedding, plus extra blankets to put down on the furniture. 

3. Oils?

Heck yes!  I bring a travel diffuser that is perfect to use in the car, as well as into where we are staying.  Here are some of my favorite oils to diffuse when traveling:

Want to know WHY I chose these oils?  Make sure to join our Training Tribe to catch our Weekly Wednesday  Reachout email...sent right to your inbox with insider tips on the topic of the week. So remember being good stewards when we travel with our dogs is super important.  This means only staying at places that actually accept dogs.  People break the rules all the time.... 

The point is to not ruin it for others.  I don't know about you, but I get frustrated when I see people "smuggling" their dogs into hotel rooms and other places such as grocery stores or restaurants.  I am respectful not to take my dogs where they don't belong, please don't be "that" person. 

Be honest, and find a place that accepts your dog.  You will all be happier for it. 




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