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Top 3 Reasons To Use Frankincense With Your Dog

For this week's Training Tuesday,  I wanted to chat about Frankincense and give you my top 3 reasons why I use it with my dogs and myself.

For those that don't know my dogs, I am owned by three Border Collies and one Russell Terrier (and soon to add another...eeek!).  Our house is NEVER dull, and we always have something going on, be it with the dogs our our teenage boys.

So, why do I use Frankincense EVERY SINGLE DAY?  Because my children drive me crazy....just kidding! LOL

It is amazing for so many things this is how we use it:

#1 Internal - that's right, I add Frankincense to my dog's food every day, and for True, she gets it twice a day as she needs a bit more support (if you are just joining in, make sure to check out my blog post from last week where I share her story). 

I choose to use Frankincense daily from a preventative and overall health and wellness side.  Using it internally supports a healthy cellular, immune, nervous, and digestive function. 

My drop count is based on size and need.  When giving oils internally it is super important to break it down first.  Need info on how to break it down properly?  Join our Training Tribe and get my free instant downloadable Cheat Sheet.

#2 Diffuse - this happens every night in our home. Three drops in our bedroom diffuser, plus I like to add 2-3 drops of Balance, and one drop Copaiba.  Let's just say, we are all (dogs and people) having a restful night's sleep. 

Diffusing Frankincense promotes feels of relaxation while adding the Balance and Copaiba adds in feeling grounded.  This is especially good for older dogs (and people) who may have a hard time sleeping at night, or for those whose brain just does not like to settle.

#3 Topical - Frankincense is great to add to a canine massage, to help with daily aches and pains, as well as nervous system support. I do this as needed for my dogs, they love it so much they often come over and "ask" to be rubbed down.    

I also use Frankincense daily for myself....I will not be without it!!  I apply it every morning to my wrists, layed with Rose.  I also use Frankincense Touch every night with my face regiment (which is also doTERRA....I do love my products!).  This helps to keep the appearance of my skin blemish-free....which includes keeping age spots at bay!  (Nothing wrong with a little support for yourself once in a while.) 

So now you have some ideas on how to use your doTERRA Frankincense with your dogs...and maybe a little for you too!!  




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