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The Importance of Trimming Your Dog's Nails

Today we are going to chat about the importance of trimming your dog’s nails. 

Having nails for a dog that participates in dog sports is key in their short and long-term success.

This also applies to old dogs, when their nails are long it can splay the feet, causing them to walk awkwardly, which puts unnatural stress on the body, which is the last thing that we want.

So how do you tell if their nails are too long?  Basically, if you can hear them clicking on the tile, wood, or concrete, then it is time to trim.

When trimming the goal is to not hit the quick or make their nails bleed, but you do want the quick to recede.

Most people when cutting the nails try to cut directly across the nail, it is actually recommended by many veterinarians to actually cut the sides of the nails on an angle.  This is to help prevent hurting them and to get the quick to recede.

The great part of cutting the nails this way, and yes it does work, is that your dog will then wear them down faster all by themselves with daily wear and tear.


I am a huge fan of using a Dremel tool, this is the one that I have and use with all my dogs.  Unfortunately, this tip did not come with it, though many use the ones that do come with it, I choose to use a diamond wheel

I am not a fan of the guillotine or scissor-style trimmers. As both of these tend to do more damage than good.


Many keep Quick Stop on hand just-in-case they nick the quick…me I use Helichrysum with a little bit of flour, if needed.

Helichrysum is steam distilled from flowers and can affect the cardiovascular system.  Which makes it a great option to stop the bleeding.

Helichrysum is what I like to call an investment oil, this is not a cheap one for sure and most people add it to their collection once they save up enough points to get it free with their wholesale membership.

If you are not yet taking advantage of a wholesale membership and not working with another Wellness Advocate, I would love to help teach you how to save money in getting your oils.  Make sure to reach out so that I can help you.

If you are part of my Training Tribe, tomorrow in my Wednesday Reach Out email I will breakdown how to help those dogs that do not like their nails trimmed, so that you too can have success.




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