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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dog (+FREE cheat sheet!)

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I wanted to share 4 tips to make your day go smoothly AND this includes a quick download to help with your success.

#1 Kitchen Safety Curious and hungry pets can be dangerous in the kitchen. They can get into the garbage (so take it out often) or just help themselves to whatever has been placed on the counter. Potentially knocking over hot dishes or sharp objects.

#2 Door Safety With the potential of having guests coming and going, it is always important to ensure that our pets have a collar and tag on in case they slip out the door while we are not looking. This small tip can be the difference in our pets making it safely back to us if found by a neighbor.

#3 Food Safety There is a LONG list of Thanksgiving foods that are not safe for dogs (or cats). This includes:

  • Turkey skin, drippings and gravy

  • Turkey twine

  • Turkey bones

  • Stuffing

  • Safe

  • Raisin (grapes)

  • Onion and garlic cloves

  • Nutmeg

  • Nuts

  • Mushrooms

  • Fatty trimmings or other fatty foods

  • Corn on the cob

  • Chocolate

  • Candied yams

  • Butter

  • Bread dough

  • And of course, Alcohol

But with every “don’t” list, we should also have a “do” list. Thanksgiving food that is safe to share with your dog includes:

  • White turkey meat

  • Plain pumpkin

  • Cranberries

  • Plain yams and sweet potatoes

  • Carrots and green beans

My last tip, #4, includes a download just for you!

This is all about reducing stress for your pets. The holiday hustle can be confusing for your favorite four-legged friend, click on the link below to grab my Turkey Day Stress Less for Pets Cheat Sheet to learn more.

My free cheat sheet includes 3 tips to help reduce stress and I also included some festive calming essential oil diffuser blends that are safe to use around your pets. These recipes will come in handy now and for the Christmas holiday season as well.

By downloading my Turkey Day Stress Less for Pets Cheat Sheet, you will also become part of my Training Tribe, giving you access to behind-the-scenes weekly tips that are only for my members.



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Thanksgiving Safety tips for your pup


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