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Super Charge Your Training Treats

Today I want to share a fun treat “hack” with you.  This is especially helpful for those dogs that could shed a few pounds.

I personally like to train with a high-end kibble, because I feed a raw diet, my dog actually thinks that kibble is pretty darn cool.

But what to do for those dogs that are not so convinced?

First, let’s chat about the weight side of things, many worry about using treats in training due to either having a dog that is already overweight or for fear that they will gain weight.  That is why I recommend to my clients to measure out your dog’s daily portion and take a quarter to a half of that and put it in a resealable bag.

Now, this is where the hack comes in.  Take something stinky that your dog finds super high in value, such as roasted chicken, hot dog, cheese, liver, you get the idea.

Place these items in the bag with your kibble, reseal the bag and place it in the fridge overnight.  In the morning, remove the stinky, super high value morsels.  Now you have a bag of kibble that smells amazing to your dog.

Let the training commence!

Essential Oils for Dogs Training Tip

For those that use essential oils with their dogs, using the above hack can also help you with your essential oil delivery. 

I like to add oils to food, and sometimes the dogs that I work with (not my own, they will eat anything) turn up their noses at oils added to their bowl.

You can take the super stinky high value morsels that you took out of the kibble bag, and use these as your EO delivery option, add your needed oil to one or more of the morsels.  Then take at least 3-5 pieces in your hand.  Deliver a couple that are not oiled up first, then deliver the oiled up treats, follow up with an additional non-oiled morsel.

Your dog will be so happy they are getting the over the top treats, that chances are they missed the fact that your spiked their cookies.

Remember that our attitude in delivery is also important, I always act as though what I have in my hand is the BEST thing in the world, which makes my dogs want it even more.



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The easy way to get your dog to take essential oils internally


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