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Sore Muscle and Joint Spray for Dogs

Today I want to share with you a joint and muscle pain relief spray for dogs, made with doTERRA Essential Oils. While this is intended for dog pain support, this is perfectly safe and effective for humans too.

This is a great option to use as stand-alone support or in addition to other at-home internal remedies such as doTERRA turmeric, doTERRA frankincense and doTERRA DDR Prime.

To make this Dog Muscle and Joint Spray, use 5 drops each of the following oils:

I put all of these in a 2oz spray bottle.

Top off this mix of oils with distilled water or your favorite carrier oil. Remember to always shake before use.

This is a great option to use before a hard training session, before a long hike or walk preventatively or afterwards for more relief.

The application should be over the area of concern, avoiding the eyes, nose and inside of the ears and can be used 2-3 times per day as needed for relief.



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Joint and muscle pain support for dogs using essential oils


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