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Scent Games

In all this “stay at home” time we have had, it has been important that we keep our dogs entertained (kinda like our kids….right?).

In today’s Training Tuesday, I want to share with you a fun Scent Game to play with your dogs.

It is best if your dog knows a “find it” to start ACADEMY TIP - if you are part of my Online Academy, you can find a detailed breakdown of the Find It in the Masterclass bonus material. ALSO…make sure to watch the FUN Lesson - Inside the Box, for a complete detailed instruction of this game.

If you are not yet part of my Academy (check out my PS below for more info), you can easily start by putting your dog in a sit-stay, or have someone hold them by the collar or tether them up. Let your dog watch as you place cookies or their favorite toy on the other side of the room. Then release your dog with a “find it”, repeat this multiple times while your dog learns this skill. Make sure to make it harder by placing the items out of sight and telling them to “find it”.

After they understand the “find it”, you are ready to start the game.

Step 1: Collect multiple cardboard boxes similar in size.

Step 2: With your dog out of sight, set up the boxes in the center of the room.

Step 3: Put smelly yummy treats in a container and hide them in one of the boxes.

Step 4: Let your dog enter the room with a “find it”.

At this point, your dog should be conditioned to find the yummy treat/toy and will happily search the room. When they locate the box with the treats, they may paw at the box, stand on it, push it around etc. THIS is when you reward your dog for finding “it”.

Note - if you are using a toy (only recommended with a highly motivated toy dog), when they find the right box, grab the toy out and have a good game of ball toss or tug.

There you have it, this is the start to the fun world of K9 Nose Work. If your dog enjoys this game, then you may want to check out the sport, it is a ton of fun and any dog can play. You can find more info at

Remember playing games with your dog is just as important as obedience skills, it is all about relationship building.

Enjoy! ~ Bree

ps. Interested in learning more about my Online Academy? It is PERFECT for all my dog and oil-loving peeps, we bring both worlds together with training and wellness and it is only available for a limited time, for one low price (I even offer payment plans), doors close for 2020 on December 31st! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.



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