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Rattlesnake Avoidance - Is it right for my dog?

It is that time of year in So Cal where the rattlesnakes start to get active. But the truth is…they can be active year-round.

That is why I host rattlesnake avoidance training in the Spring and Fall. I actually just opened up registration for our training happening on April 17 & 18, 2021 dates.

Funny enough, I have been in “hot water” for my choice to host specialty trainers for this training for a long time now.

As a positive trainer, I choose not to use aversive methods when training. The hiccup is, when we do snake avoidance training, I break that rule, and here is why.

When our dogs encounter a rattlesnake in most cases we are not there to manage the situation. It can be argued that with a good recall, your dog will come back to you out of the danger zone.

BUT what if you are not there? That is and will always be my biggest fear. I want my dogs to know to not mess with the snake on the ground, as it will hurt you.

In my honest opinion, I want my dogs afraid of the snake, which just may save their lives. To me, it is worth it.

So with that said, here is the hiccup…. Just like in the dog training world, not all specialty snake avoidance trainers are equal.

The skillset will vary from trainer to trainer, and THAT can be a huge problem when doing aversion training.

That is why I did my homework 15 some odd years ago and found who I consider the best trainers available for the job at hand and I have been using them ever since.

Now, not everyone is going to be comfortable with this training and I get that. The great thing about life, we all get to choose what is right for us and our families.

If you are curious to learn more about rattlesnake avoidance training or to even sign up for our April training, feel free to check out my Rattlesnake Avoidance Training page on my website.

Curious how I can wrap this back to Essential Oil use?

I got you!!!

EO TIP of the day:

When hiking, always take Frankincense with you, it is great for bumps, bruises, scrapes, AND snake bites. Of course, if your dog gets bit by a rattlesnake, it is time to high tail it to the vet and get medical attention. Oils are a great support, but they do not replace medical care.



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