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New doTERRA Product Releases!

Today is a BIG day!!  The release of the NEW PRODUCTS!! 

I have been using my new products for the last few weeks and I am super excited to share that I have used each and everyone with our family and or our dogs. 

I share how we have been using them below. I cannot wait for you to fall in love with all of these amazing new, natural products. If you want to grab the full convention kit they are now available in your back office to purchase.  If you are not already a doTERRA member, reach out to the person who introduced you or check it out here!!  If you want to save even more money, make sure to reach out to me to chat about our wholesale membership.

The following products are finally available for individual purchase, check out how I use them: Adaptiv™ Calming Blend - all things calm...this is a new favorite in our house.  Great to diffuse, make up in a roller bottle to apply topically.  Great to use during the day or at bedtime.

Adaptiv Capsules - amazing for you if you have stress in your life, some are taking at night to help with sleep, others during the day to help with the daily "stuff" that comes up.

Adaptiv Touch - great to use topically, as it is already diluted, in a roller bottle and ready for use for us and our pets.  

doTERRA® Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules - my NEW FAVORITE!!!  My husband has been taking these daily since we got them (he didn't know it as I just put it in with his Lifelong Vitality) he ASKED ME if I had added anything as his joints were feeling so much better. WIN!!!  I also would not hesitate to give this to my medium to large size dogs. 

doTERRA Lemon Eucalyptus 15 mL - creepy crawlies stay away.  I have added this to my current Flea and Tick mixes...sprays and DE mix.   doTERRA Celery Seed 15 mL - great to add to a smoothie to help boost your system, great for gut health, and promoting a positive and uplifted mindset.

doTERRA Black Spruce 5 mL - this smells AMAZING!  Great to uplift the mood, sooth sore muscles, help work through a difficult circumstance....I added a drop to my dog sprays.

doTERRA Rose 5 mL - I cannot say enough wonderful things about rose.  I have had the 5ml for some time now and honestly based on price point, I just uncap it and inhale the wonderful aroma.  I also use the rose touch as part of my daily routine.  I can honestly say it clears my mind and picks me up.

doTERRA Citronella 15 mL - all things buggy!  Great to diffuse or place around a table on cotton balls to keep the critters away.  Apply to your arms, legs, and back of neck to deter flying pests. doTERRA Tamer™ Digestive Blend - my NEW FAVORITE when it come to digestion support.  I have never been a big fan of the smell of DigestZen, Tamer smells so much better AND WORKS GREAT!!  This is my new go-to for myself and the dogs. doTERRA Peppermint Softgels - the newest internal choice for occasional digestive discomfort.  Great for kids 8+ in age. NEW DIFFUSERS: VOLO™ Diffuser Onyx VOLO Diffuser Marble

If you want to take advantage of  the deeper savings and order the entire kit of new products, you can check them out here!!




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