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Let's Talk Vetiver - How to Use Vetiver to Support Your Dog

Hey all, today I want to talk about Vetiver and why it is probably the most important oil in my dog training tool kit.

Before I jump in, I want to give a little history to how we got here.  Many know this story, so I will keep it short.

7 years ago I went to my first doTERRA class, all my friends had already been to a class, most had signed up with their own wholesale accounts, and then there was me.  I went to my first class because I felt obligated to do so because a friend was having a class.

I even drug my mom with in numbers right?  My point to sharing this is we all come to loving the oils by different paths.  I sat in that class and soaked up the information, thinking that just maybe these tiny little bottles could make an impact on my life and the problems I was personally having.

I also had the "I will never do this as a business" thought process, telling myself "who has time for that".  Well as you can see, that part changed over the years.

Today, I cannot imagine NOT sharing doTERRA, and the funny thing is, that is how most of us feel.  Whether we are sharing casually with friends and family or building an income replacing business, we all started with one bottle and a personal experience.  Which is pretty awesome.

Ok, so back to Vetiver.....

I am truly blessed to be at the point in my dog training business that for behavior work, I only take clients that are willing to use doTERRA Essential Oils.  This is because I know they work, and will give us what is needed to support the dogs to allow training to occur.

Now I have to say the oils are not just magic, hard work goes into behavior modification and that cannot be discounted.  What the oils do is help take a dog that may be reactive or fearful and help keep them under threshold allowing training to occur.

And even though I allow each dog that I work with to self select the oil of their choice, 9 times out of 10 they choose Vetiver.

To the point that they are licking the bottle, and some will even try to pick it up (which we have to keep a close eye on).  

If you watch your dogs interact with your oils, they will give you a pretty clear indicator of what they prefer.

So how do you use Vetiver to help support your dog?

Aromatically - you can diffuse at least an hour prior to a stressful event or road trip.

Topically - apply to rear pads, always applying to your hands, then applying to the dog.  I also like to take my hands and pet down the spine.

Internal - many dogs will lick it right off of your finger, it can be added to a cookie, or even put into food as needed.

Just last night I had a new client consult, dealing with some fear issues with people.  When we got to chatting about oils, she had the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Kit, I tested each bottle with him and he did not give any indicator towards them.  

I then pulled out the Vetiver and Copaiba and he changed his tune, even licking the bottle top (it was a sample bottle), then decided to settle right next to me and listen to my every word.  It was actually pretty funny.

By the end of our session, we were friends, he even allowed me to pet him and give him cookies.  From the point that I walked in the door to the time that I left an hour and a half later, we were seeing a completely different dog.

Coincidence...maybe...the product of training with essential oil support....that would be my choice answer.

AND this is why when working with dogs with behavioral issues, we use our oils, it is a tool that cannot be ignored because it works so effectively for so many.  The key is finding the right oil combo for the problem at hand..just like in people.

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Vetiver is one of the most effective essential oils to use in training your dog


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