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Improve Air Quality Using Pet Safe Essential Oils

Right now so many families are being affected by wildfires here on the west coast, for this reason I decided to put together some information to help those in need to cleanse the air in their homes.

Many of the oils that others recommend using maybe in combination too strong to use around pets OR have cautions when using around pets with health issues.

So with that, I wanted to share what I am doing to best support the air quality in my home for my entire family which includes kids, dogs, and cats.

I personally use a water-based diffuser and have these placed around the house and it is important to say, that I only use doTERRA EOs. This means if you are not using 3rd party certified pure essential oils, I do not recommend using them as it can be dangerous to the health of your pets.

If you are in need of doTERRA EOs and are not currently working with someone, you can reach out to me directly and I am more than happy to help you…I am all about the education.

Some common essential oils used for air purifying include rosemary and eucalyptus BUT if you have a pet that is prone to certain medical problems, we generally want to avoid these in daily use.

Great pet-friendly alternatives are: lemon, lime, orange, Bergamot, citronella, frankincense, cedarwood, and helichrysum.

I personally like to make a combination of oils because I like the scents and I like to change it up. My favorite is frank, helichrysum, and bergamot.




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