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How To Use Turmeric Essential Oil With Your Dog

In today’s Training Tuesday share, I want to talk to you about Turmeric.

Turmeric has been a hot topic for some time now when it comes to boosting our own systems, but did you know this is also a great option for our dogs?

You may have heard of Turmeric Paste, which you can make, but I am here to share a much simpler option, especially when it comes to our dogs.

doTERRA has a Turmeric Essential Oil, it comes in a 15ml bottle, as well as capsules. My husband, kids, and I take the capsules, more for convenience of the packaging.

But our dogs get the oil form. All my dogs are 40lbs or less and they each get one drop, twice a day in their food. I prefer adding oils to their daily meal so that you know exactly how much they are getting each day.

You may have heard or maybe it has been recommended to you to add your oils to your dog's water dish. I do not recommend putting oil in the water dish, as the oils can pool on the top PLUS chances are, you don’t really know how much your dog or dogs are getting in a day.

Call me a control freak…but I want to know their daily intake so that I can modify as needed.

So what are the benefits of Turmeric for dogs?

Turmeric is great for dogs' immune system, digestive system, and skin, as well as joint and brain health. This oil packs a big punch in just a little drop.

I have seen a remarkable difference in seasonal allergies for my dogs, where in previous years I have had to start the lemon, lavender, peppermint regiment. This year, I have not had to add that in. Of course, if my dogs were in need, I would add it without hesitation.

One of the questions I get when adding it to my dog's food is “don’t I need to dilute it first”. Here is the thing…when adding it to food, that on its own is a dilution form. You are not dropping the oil directly into your dog's

mouth, they are eating it with the rest of their food.

It is also important to acclimate otherwise known as introduce your dog to the scent of the oil PRIOR to adding it to their food. If you need this breakdown, make sure to check my video How to Safely and Effectively Introduce Your Dog to Essential Oils. This is one of my older videos, but the information is still valuable I will put the link below so you can find it easily.

Turmeric is also great to add to your favorite natural flea and tick sprays whether you make your own or buy it, it adds an extra kick to help keep the pests away.

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The health benefits of turmeric for dogs


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