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How to use doTERRA Adaptiv with Your Dog

With so many people prepping on going back to work, I have been getting the question of how do I do so, while not creating issues with my dog. This prompted me to send out some training advice to my Training Tribe and one of the 4 suggestions that I gave to them is to use Adaptiv.

As calming oils go, Adaptiv has quickly turned into one of my personal favorites. I use the Touch every morning on my wrists before I meditate.

When I apply it, Reckon loves to come and sit right in front of me and just take it all in. Which means I get to meditate with my best four-legged friend. Ok, I know that sounds corny. LOL

So how can you use Adaptiv to help support your dogs?

Honestly, this is a great oil to grab for any need that falls into the need to calm our dogs be it at-home stressors or ones that come up when you go out.

Be it prepping for you to go back to work, maybe you need to head to the vet or groomers. Adaptiv has a unique way of improving attention while easing the body and mind. This is why it is perfect for training as well.

This oil is ideal for new puppies or young dogs that have not had the chance to get out and socialize, Adaptive will help them feel comfortable with their new surroundings and situations as you introduce them to the world.

Adaptiv essential oil can be used in two ways, topically and aromatically.

Adaptiv Capsule can be given to dogs over 50lbs twice per day.

When using for a stressful situation it is best to use at least 20 plus minutes prior to the actual need. So if you have to head out the door at 10am, use Adaptiv around 9:30.

Aromatic options include using a diffuser, put a drop on a cotton ball and place that into a personal fan, and turn on. A drop can be applied to your dog's bed as well.

Topically when it comes to dogs, I only recommend doing so AFTER they have been properly acclimated. Not doing so, you run the risk of your dog having a negative reaction to the scent as they cannot get away, and until you break it down, they just don’t understand. You can check out my video “How to Safely and Effectively Introduce Dogs to Essential Oils”.

Once you have it broken down, you can add a drop of Adaptiv to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and pet down your pup's spine. If they are good with their feet being touched, applying to the bottom of the rear pads is also a great option. I do not recommend applying to the ears, or near their head, to minimize the scent. I promise you, they can still smell it. Their noses are 40x stronger than ours.

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How to use doTERRA Adaptiv with Your Dog


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