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How To Talk Dog - 5 Common Dog Behaviors Explained

Hey all, today is Training Tuesday and we are going to chat about reading your dog’s body language. Otherwise known as “talking dog”.

Over the last few weeks, I have talked about the importance of socialization, how to support your pup with a fear response, and more. Today I wanted to dive into how to read what your dog saying.

I know this sounds strange, but think of it as two people having a conversation. When we know how to read our dog's body language, we can see that conversation, which in turn allows us to adjust what we are doing at that moment in time to best support our dog. This is especially true when we have a reactive or fearful dog. BUT all dogs will benefit from you understanding what they are saying.

With that said I want to share with you 3 of the main calming signals that our dogs show us on a daily basis, and if we are paying attention, the signs are clear as day.

You have heard the term “shake it off”, right? Well, a dog giving a full body shake is where that comes from. When your dog is feeling a bit overwhelmed regardless if the trigger is positive (like you giving him a big hug and a kiss) or negative (a strange dog just rushed up and getting in his face). Giving a body shake can dispel that stress, allowing everyone to know that everything is ok.

We also see dogs that lick their lips or flick out their tongue, chances are high that they are trying to calm themselves down. When you see this, check the situation that you are in and look for what is causing your dog’s discomfort.

Last but not least, if your dog yawns or sniffs, it does not always mean that he is tired or looking for a cookie on the ground. Both of these signs can be used when trying to calm themselves, other dogs, or even us.

So the point to me sharing this is, read your dog. They are telling us WAY more than most people know or can see. If we know the signs and read our dogs, so many problems can actually be avoided at home or in public.

Now for all my doTERRA loving friends, for those that want to take their support to the next level, I recommend checking out the Steady Blend. It is one of DT Childrens blends, which means that the formulated just right to use with our dogs. When used at least 20-30 minutes prior to heading out the door, this oil can help support your dog if they tend to be nervous or overly excited. Steady is one of my new go-to oils to use at dog shows for Reckon, as the competition gets harder, both he and I need a little oil love before going in the ring.




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