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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

3 Ways To Stop Your Dog From Barking

With so many of us staying home, I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say that the delivery rate of goods to our home has been on the rise.

Be it UPS, Fed-Ex, Amazon, or the grocery stores. This also generally means that the dogs that barked before, are now on high alert, waiting for the next box to arrive.

This can also add to the stress in the home, as the barking gets worse, nerves get frazzled and things just start going downhill.

So what do you do??

You have a few of options to tackle this.

3 Strategies to Stop Your Dog From Barking

#1 Teach your dog to bark on cue and in turn, teach them to be quiet. Now if you go this route, I will give warning…if you do not train this to completion, you run the risk of having a dog that barks even more.

#2 Trigger the bark by creating noise (generally a knock at the door, or ring the bell), then with cookies redirect your dog with a verbal “quiet”. With the redirect, offer praise and cookies for a job well done. I would then move right into another behavior, such as go to bed or crate, or even as simple as a look at me or sit. This helps redirect your dog, giving them something that is appropriate to do.

#3 Allow them to bark a couple of times, then get their attention and run to the kitchen (with your dog in tow) to get a cookie. This is FUN, the point is to make it a game. Once in the kitchen (away from the delivery), pay your dog for following you, then ask for a sit, down, etc and pay for it. By the time you are done, the boxes have been dropped and the delivery person is long gone.

For my dogs, #3 is my go-to, BUT you know your dogs and your home. Pick the option that best suits your home and dogs and give it a go.

For those that have dogs that bark over the top, did you know that diffusing certain essential oils can help add calm to your home (for both you and your dogs)?

When I share oil tips, I do so based on promoting and using doTERRA essential oils. If you are using a different brand of oils, please make sure to read your labels to ensure the safety of use, so many oils we think are safe, are the fine print, and keep your family safe.

My bonus tip to help train your dogs to not bark include the use of some of my favorite calm oils, which are doTERRA Balance, doTERRA Serenity and doTERRA Adaptiv. When using oils for support in training, it is important to diffuse at least 20 minutes (or more) prior to your training session, this allows the oils to do their job before you get started.

Using oils when training helps many remain under threshold (which is a fancy way of saying, allowing them to think), which in turn helps give you prime training time.

Essential Oils Recommended In This Post:




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