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How To Create A Positive Vet Visit

The reality is, most of our dogs don't go to the vet unless there is a real problem or even an emergency.

Which, when you think about it, can be a super traumatic experience for you and your dog.

The tips that I am going to share with you can be to avoid that potential stress or to help your dog that may have already had that experience and is now worried about going to the vet.

First and foremost....USE YOUR OILS!

But here is the part that is super need to use them outside of the trigger response (going to the vet) first.

So, what does that look like?  That means randomly diffusing your dogs favorite calming oil so that they have that experience outside of when they actually need it.

[I know this sounds crazy, BUT IT WORKS, so do it!!]

By using your doTERRA oil of choice (yes, it needs to be a calming oil), creating calm, you can trigger calm...instead of triggering anxiety.

If you choose to put oils on right as you head out the door to the vet, there is a chance that your dog will associate the negative experience with the smell, and the oil will not provide as much support as you would have liked because your dog's stress level was already off the chart prior to oils having time to work.

In addition to your doTERRA calming oils, here are a few additional tips for a positive vet visit:

  1. Take high-value cookies with you EVERY trip to the vet.

  2. YOU give your dog the cookies, not the tech or vet, your dog is more likely to take it from you, the person they trust.

  3. STOP IN at the vet's office when you don't have an appointment..just do a quick on-leash adventure (with cookies).  Get it and get out, your pup will not know what happened.

Not sure which oils could work for your pup?

My choice oils would include Vetiver, Copaiba, Serenity, and Balance.



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