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Essential Oils for Dogs: DigestZen for Tummy Troubles

Today I wanted to share how we use DigestZen essential oil with our dogs.

As a professional dog trainer, we are often traveling to dog shows and I never want to be caught off guard if tummy troubles arise.

For that reason, I keep doTERRA Digestzen on hand. It comes in a 15ml bottle or a 10ml Touch bottle that is already diluted and ready for topical application.

Speaking of topical application, when used this way I like to apply to the bottoms of the rear pads, as well as over the abdomen. I always roll the bottle into my hands to start, then pet down the area of concern.

I do not recommend rolling directly onto your pet, as the hair can get caught up in the rollerball, and contaminate it.

My dogs are also acclimated to using oils internally, if you are interested in doing the same, make sure to check out my video breakdown on how to do this properly so as to not create a dog that shies away from oil use. It is actually really important and one of the top problems I help people fix when it comes to dogs and oils.

For internal use I like to give with meals or put a drop on a cookie. If you have a super picky dog, grab a handful of super high value cookies and start giving them one at a time, in the middle of giving that handful add in the cookie with the oil drop on it, then make sure to follow it right up with a non-oiled cookie. If the value is high, and you are giving them at a faster pace, your dog may not even know what happened.

So, that is how I use doTERRA DigestZen Essential Oil with dogs. Make sure to check out the information below for more essential oil for dogs information.

Essential Oils Recommended In This Video:



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How to use DigestZen Essential Oil with dogs


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