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Dog Clean Ear Support with Essential Oils

A common question I am often asked is what oils can I use to help support my dogs’ ears?

So today, let's chat about that!

Before I dive in, it is important to note that at no time should we ever drop oils into our dogs’ ears. Period, no exceptions.

When we use oils for the ears, it is always on the inner flap and the base of the ear.

When applying I like to put my mix on a cotton ball, to ensure that the oils do not accidentally get down where they should not be.

I recommend using a glass bottle for your mixture and don’t forget to label it. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t put a label on it, I tend to forget what I made it for.

My favorite oils for this are lavender, copaiba, frankincense, basil, and geranium.

I add 4-6 drops of my chosen oils to 1 ounce of alcohol-free witch hazel. I shake it up, put a drop or two on my cotton ball and then I am ready to go.

Essential Oils Recommended in Today's Post:



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