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DIY Litterbox Powder

This week is for the cats!

I often get asked about using essential oils with cats, and let me tell you, this is a HOT TOPIC for sure!

Let me just say, there is a lot of information, misinformation, improper use, and lack of education in this department. If you do any research online you may find yourself conflicted, making it hard to know what is the right direction to go.

In all my research, which has been done from first-party material, the key is using therapeutic grade oils that are third party tested to be pure. If you are new to essential oil use, it is important to educate yourself on the different grades of oils available to you. Quality absolutely makes a difference, especially when using with or around our cats and other pets.

So, let’s be clear. Cats cannot metabolize most products that enter their body. Their livers do not have the enzymes to break down certain chemicals (natural or synthetic). The liver will store substances that are not recognized, which can lead to problems. Most of these problems stem from the improper use of low-quality oils.

Now with that said, I am one that believes that certain essential oils can be used safely and effectively with and around cats and I have been doing so for over 8 years now. I personally would choose to use my doTERRA essential oils over many other products on the market.

One of my favorite delivery methods is with a litter box powder and here is my recipe.

DIY Litterbox Powder with Essential Oils

Take 1-2 drops of your chosen oil to 1 cup baking soda.

I like to use a glass mason jar, so I can put on the lid and shake up my mix. I like to have my mix sit overnight before use to allow the oils to permeate into the baking soda.

I then add 1 tbsp of my mix to my litter box as needed.

Some good support oil choices can be lemongrass, lavender, copaiba and DigestZen.



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DIY Litterbox Powder


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