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DIY Hot Spot Remedy for Dogs

Now, first and foremost, I am not a veterinarian. But I did want to chat with you today about a problem that I see a lot during the summer months….hot spots.

There are many causes of hot spots, everything from seasonal allergies and food sensitivities to fleas and spending too much time in the pool, plus a plethora of other skin problems.

Interestingly I have also read that certain breeds are more prone to problems such as Goldens, St. Bernards, GSD, Labs, and Rotties. Which could be due to their thicker coats.

Here are a few tips to help support your dog suffering for hot spots:

  • I recommend clipping the hair around the area of concern.

  • If you suspect food to be part of the culprit, see how your food rates on and adjust if needed to a 4.5-5 star food.

  • Use the cone of shame or a blow-up collar to keep your dog from messing with it.

DIY Hot Spot Remedy for Dogs

Another hot spot remedy I recommend is making a DIY hot spot remedy with essential oils. I use Lavender, diluted with a carrier oil. Apply a drop or two to the affected area, 2x per day for support.

The best form of care is finding the root cause, and illuminating the problem if possible.  Keeping in mind that it could be a combination of things in their environment…food, laundry detergent, synthetic air fresheners, cleaning chemicals used in the home, outside pollen…the list is long.  Even if the main trigger is not something you can control, you can control some of the other things that could be contributing.  You may be amazed at what diet and green cleaning can do for your dog. 

Essential Oils Recommended In This Post:



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An easy DIY hot spot remedy for dogs


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