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DIY Essential Oil Calming Spray for Dog Anxiety

DIY Essential Oil Calming Spray for Dog Anxiety

How to Calm My Dog with Essential Oils

Today I want to share with you a DIY doTERRA essential oil calming spray for dogs. I use this with my clients' dogs that need a little extra support and I have found it to be helpful with most behavior modification work that I do, regardless of what the underlying issue is.

The key to using oils with pets is to ensure that they are properly acclimated to the oils prior to use, AND that you use them prior to and outside of the time that they are needed.

I only use and educate on the use of doTERRA essential oils, there are many reasons for this, but the bottom line is they are the only brand that I am confident with to be safe using with all the animals (and people) in my home.

For today's DIY Calming Spray for Dog Anxiety I will be using:

15 drops Lavender

8 drops Vetiver


I combine these in a 2 oz bottle and top it off with distilled water. I choose water as it does not gum up the coat of some breeds. You can also use your favorite carrier such as coconut oil if you prefer.

Once all the oils are added to the bottle, and it is topped off with your carrier, make sure that you shake it before each use.

Another tip: make sure to label your bottle. This can be done with a fancy label or use you can use bottle top stickers and a sharpie to write down your drop count.

What is the most effective way to use this calming spray for dog anxiety? I did mention previously to acclimate and use outside of the time of need. Some of you may be asking “what does that mean”.

Let me break it down really quickly.

Acclimation is teaching your dogs to like the smell of the oils.

Outside of the time of need means to use it multiple days prior to the time it is needed. For example, you are worried about 4th of July Fireworks, I would make up this mix at least 3-4 days prior and start using it around the house, spraying it on myself, and on my dogs bed ALL before spraying it on my dog. Which I would do to test it out PRIOR to the fireworks.

It is also important when using a spray to help support your dog to do it PRIOR to the start of the stimulus..In the 4th of July example, you know that the Fireworks will start around 9pm, so I would be using the spray throughout the day (maybe even in my diffuser) THEN I would apply the mix to my dog at least 30 minutes ahead of time. This allows the oils to do their job before our dogs get worried and anxious.



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Wondering how to calm my dog with essential oils? Try this DIY essential oil calming spray


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