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DIY Calming Ball for Dogs

Hey all, Bree Beery here from PPTW, and this week is our 100th “episode” and I am excited to share with you how I made a calming ball for my dogs


I know it sounds strange, but when I tested it out, it worked. LOL. So I am sharing it with you.

I started with a Hol-ee Roller Ball and used some fabric scraps that I had from an old project.

I added a few drops of my dog's favorite calming oil, in this case, I used Balance.

My dogs have a great time playing with the ball. Yes, they pull out the strips of fabric, so if your dog likes to do this too, make sure that this is a supervised activity to ensure that the strips do not get ingested.

This toy is great to have out when you have company, or there are other distractions that may cause your dog to act naughty, and calm is needed.

This is ideal for dogs that stress up, meaning they get overly excited when company comes over and they just want to play play play. Using your calming ball will help settle their minds, while still being physically active. It is a win-win for many dogs.

If you want to add an extra level of engagement and fun, you can also put some kibble or other fun treats in with the strips of fabric, in the ball. Mine love to bat it around with their feet and noses to get the treats to fall out. In our home, this is a great rainy day or super-hot day activity.

If you like this EO calming ball DIY hack, make sure to check out my other videos and my blog to learn how essential oils can enhance your dog’s life.

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