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Deep Blue & Copaiba - My outdoor activity lifesaver!

For those that have been following me on social, you know that I have taken up hiking as a daily activity. I have been posting pictures of the dogs and me from all our fun local spots.

BUT…let’s be honest, I could not have kept up the pace that I have been doing if it weren’t for my doTERRA Deep Blue Rub and Copaiba!

These two oils have saved my rear…or I should say legs time and time again.

I wanted to share the secret to success, which my good friend Brenda had to remind me of….see we can’t always remember everything and that is why we have good friends to remind us along the way!!

This little tip applied to any physical activity you may be doing… out for a ride on your horse, hiking the mountains with your pups, hitting the gym (for those of you lucky enough to have a gym open these days), going for a run and the list goes on and on…you get the drift.

Drum roll please………

Apply your oils BEFORE you go do your thing.

It is so simple, and something that I completely failed to remember (thanks again Brenda). Layering on Deep Blue Rub and Copaiba has made it so I could move after our morning adventures.

Recovery has been so much easier, hence why I wanted to share this little tip with you today.

PLUS, did you know that you can also use this combo (not the Deep Blue Rub…but the oil) for your dogs and horses?

When properly diluted, this is a great recovery option for them, just like it is for you. I like to mix up a roller bottle with this combo, along with fractionated coconut oil. I always apply the oil to my hands, rub them together, then pet down the area that needs a little help.

Fun fact! You do not have to get the oil down to the skin, apply to the hair will work just fine. The hair follicles carry the oil right to the area of concern just like magic!



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