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Crates & Calm

This time of year, we tend to be in the full spring of things, what that looks like will differ between households, but the tips I am going to share with you, will be valuable regardless of what your house looks like.

Keeping the calm Christmas morning can be a challenge in some households, so today, I am going to share with you a couple of tricks to help you get through.

Tip #1

Do you have a dog that just does not love his or her crate or pen? I have a fun little trick that may help them change their minds.

Take a chew toy with high-value food and show it to your dog….

Let them check it out and sniff it all over, BUT don’t give it to them.

Next, toss the toy into the crate/pen and shut the door….

Here is the key…. Lock your dog OUTSIDE!

They will not know what to do, at first, they will be confused, then annoyed, then they will WANT to go inside to get the yummy chew.

After a few seconds, let them in and they will happily start chewing on the new fun toy.

Every piece of food that falls out of the toy will reward your dog for being in their crate.

If you need a food toy, here are a couple that I recommend:

- Kong Wobbler - Interactive Treat Ball - Snuffle Mat

Tip #2

DIY Calming Spray using doTERRA Essential Oils

20 drops Balance (grounding blend)

20 drops Lavender

8 drops Vetiver

Add all the above to a 2oz spray bottle, top off with the carrier oil of your choice.

Shake the bottle before each use. Great to spray on bedding, onto your hands to pet down your dog’s spine and apply to rear pads.

Remember it will take a little time for the spray to work its magic, 10-15 minutes is normal.

This recipe is good for them and YOU!

With Christmas right around the corner, this combo may become a new family favorite!

~ Bree

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