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Cool and Calm

This week is going to bring a scorcher to So Cal, we will see temps well above 100 in our area and of course, that means we need to be prepared.

But what does that really mean?

Anytime we have crazy weather, be it heat, rain, snow, etc, it is important to have a game plan.

Funny….this was not what I was intending to talk about today, but this is where my brain is going. LOL

So back to being prepared…. For me, that includes simple things like closing up the house early, drawing the shades closed so that I can help keep the cool inside. Exercising (both me and the dogs) earlier than normal so that we all don’t go stir crazy during the day. Turning on the fans so help move the cool air and of course having the air conditioner set to go on as needed.

So many do not have the luxury of an air conditioner…for some of you, that may sound crazy, but the closer you get to the coast here in So Cal, I have found that to be a thing.

So today is dedicated to a few ideas to keep cool and stay calm.

Kiddy pool - you know the good old fashion blue or pink plastic pool you pick up at the local store, well I found a really cool foldable version online, you can check it out here. These are great to dip your feet in as your pup lounges in the water, plus they come with a plug to drain them….a big upgrade to the kiddy pools of old.

Stuffed Squirrel - you have heard about stuffing a Kong… I bring you a stuffed squirrel! This toy is the same concept as a Kong, but a little cheaper and I have found it holds up just as well. You can take some of your dog’s favorite food and freeze it inside. This is a great way to keep your dog busy when you are stuck inside. Check it out here.

Snuffle Mat - I am a big fan of these, my dogs LOVE THEM. You can use these with your dog's regular food, or up the ante and use their favorite cookies... or do a combo! This is another great mental stimulation for your dogs as it encourages foraging. If you are part of my Online Academy, make sure to check out the lesson on this, I break it down and even give you some DIY ideas. Check it out here.


Cooling Spray - Air Conditioning in a Bottle

2 tablespoons distilled water

Shake well before each use.

Keep in the refrigerator for an extra cool mist.

Keep away from eyes and noses.

Stay cool my friends!

XX - Bree

ps. if you choose to purchase any of the above items from one of my links, I do get a little kickback on that. So thank you in advance for supporting my small business. ps. if you choose to purchase any of the above items from one of my links, I do get a little kickback on that. So thank you for supporting my small business.




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