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Clean Your Clutter

Did you miss me last week????

For those that noticed I didn’t pop into your inbox and sent me notes asking if all was ok, THANK YOU for checking in on me. I really appreciated it, I was feeling the love!!

I didn’t realize how draining January was until last week and I just didn’t have anything left, which resulted in no blog post.

I sure that many of you can relate, we sure are living in some crazy times right now.

I took last week to reflect on where I am at, and where I am going. I also took a little time to re-organize my workspace and let me tell you it made a huge difference.

So today I am going to share something a little “different” than the norm. I hope you stick with me!

What many of you may not know about me is that I am all about self-improvement, this comes in many forms for me…. books, meditation, podcasts, affirmations, journaling, a daily gratitude list, and more.

The funny thing is, we all tend to pick up habits good and bad along the way, what we choose to do with them is a big deal and sometimes we forget the little things.

Today I want to talk about clutter. I know, not the normal dog/oil fun that I normally talk about, BUT a really good life lesson.

Interestingly my dog room is well organized, everything has its place, the only mess is generally dog hair and dirt tracked in by the dogs. You will rarely find anything out of place in THAT room. I wish I could say the same about the rest of my house.

I am sure I am not alone in this one…anyone have one or two rooms that are always well organized and picked up, and then you walk into your bedroom or office and think what the heck happened in here?

What I have learned over the years (and apparently forgot) is that creativity and productivity are blocked by clutter/mess.

Let me just be honest….my desk (my primary online workspace) was out of control. All created by yours truly. I am a note Queen…which means I love to write things down, translation, I have post-it notes everywhere. Not the best when trying to keep a space decluttered.

My point in sharing all of this is this…. If you find yourself stuck, having a lack of motivation to get things done (including training your dog - see how I worked that in!) then I challenge you to pick ONE THING to organize.

Now with that said, don’t go crazy on me and choose an entire room….pick just one space within that room. Maybe the top of your desk, a single shelf in a bookcase, or maybe a drawer in your dresser.

Maybe it may even need to be simpler than that….even making your bed can change the energy flow for the positive.

Just like dog training, we sometimes have to break it down to achieve success. You can’t teach your dog to stay unless he or she knows how to sit first.

You will be amazed at how shifting the energy in your space can make a huge difference in your mood and productivity. Be it in your personal relationships, work, friends, and your pets.


If you are looking to boost your mood, diffuser some Motive or Adaptiv to help keep you going. These are my two favorites when it comes to diffusing in my office, right now, I have Motivate in my Roam Diffuser.

As always, if you are new to oils and want to learn more, make sure to reach out. I am all about the education.

Speaking of education…. I am putting the finishing touches on my new webinar Top Essential Oils for Your Dog, if you are not yet part of my Training Tribe, make sure to join in on my fun to stay in-the-know for all future events and weekly free content right to your inbox!

Ok, off my woo-woo soapbox for now, just don’t be surprised if I share more down the road. ;)

Until next week ~ Bree



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