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Bugs. Bugs. Bugs.

Ok, today’s Training Tuesday share is in the form of a couple of my favorite DIYs. I don’t know about you, but the sheer number of BUGS that are out this time of year is just ACK!!

Right now in our area, we are being hit hard with earwigs, otherwise known as pincher bugs.... if you don’t know what these are…do a Google search…they just gross me out!

My two options...burn the house down OR use my oils. I am sure you can guess the direction I chose.

Here are two of my favorite buggy tips:

#1 Place cotton balls or other cloth around windows and doors with doTERRA Peppermint on them to help deter bugs from entering.

#2 Use doTERRA Geranium topically to ward off flies. I like to add to a spritz bottle with water to mist down my arms and legs as needed. Yes, I do use this for my dogs too!

Do you have a great bug tip?

Make sure to check out my business page Pawsitive Principles with Bree and share your favorite bug tip with me! I always love to learn how others are using their oils too!

Until next week ~ Bree




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