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Bone Support For Dogs With Essential Oils

Today I want to share with you what doTERRA essential oils I am using to help support a broken bone… in my foot. Not to worry, if you are here trying to find solutions for your dog's broken bones, keep reading!

Oh yes, call me graceful…I tripped on one of my terriers (no dogs were hurt), and to be honest, it didn’t really hurt to start. I basically rolled under my middle 3 toes and I kept going about my business.

A few hours later my foot started to ache a bit, so I put some Deep Blue and Lemongrass on it for support and thought nothing of it.

As the days and weeks went by, I found myself rolling my foot with a ball to help alleviate pain, opting to wear tennis shoes over my flops because in flops my foot swelled up.

But here is the kicker…I had been limping around for almost a month when my husband finally made me go see a podiatrist.

We go, I took my shoe off, and she just gave me the look and off to get an x-rays I went. Sure enough, I have a stress fracture.

So, you’re here to learn what oils I have been using for broken bone support. I have them all in one roller bottle, and I am applying 2-3 times per day. Now, I have actually been using this combo longer than I have known that my foot was broke.

If anything, using the oils reduced the swelling and pain, which caused me to wait to go to the specialist…ooops! So if you are in this boat, go get checked, then use your oils!

So here is what is in my mix – Copaiba, Frank, Lemongrass, Birch (I know this one is hard to come by…a good substitute is Ginger or Black Pepper) and Wintergreen.

NOW, most all of you follow me because of my animal knowledge, and you may just be watching this to find support for one your pups….so, if I was looking for the same bone support for my dog, I would use Juniper Berry and Cypress instead of the birch and wintergreen as both of these oils fall into the “hot topic” category, which I teach about in my Dogs 101 online course.

So, for now, I will hobble around in my boot for the next 4 weeks and I anticipate a full recovery…cause really, who has time for a boot! I want to be back out running around with my dogs!

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The best essential oils for bone support in dogs and humans


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