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5 Superfoods for Your Dog

Today’s tip is all about nutrition. I often get asked what I feed my dogs and why.

To avoid writing a book, if you are curious about what my dogs eat, I actually created a page on my website to break it down. PLUS, I also share what oils my dogs get daily too! You can read more about that here.

But really my share today is about 5 superfoods that you can find in any grocery store that are good for you and your pups.

Before I give you my list, there are few things to remember…

• More is not better, as with everything that we do, moderation is always best. • Not all superfoods are good for pets, you know your dog, make the right choice for them. • Some superfoods add calories, so adjust your pets’ diet accordingly. • If your dog does not like it, don’t force it. This is supposed to be a fun and tasty treat.

Ok…. Here we go!!

1. Eggs - I personally give them raw, cracked right over my dog's breakfast or dinner. You can choose to cook them if that is better for you. A hardboiled egg is a perfect on-the-go treat too! If giving raw, make sure to limit the number of eggs given in a week, too much raw egg whites in a diet can interfere with biotin availability.

2. Bone Broth - high in protein, great for bone and joint support. You can buy it pre-made or make it yourself (do a quick google search on how-to, it is pretty darn easy, heck if I can do it…you can too!). I like to freeze the broth in an ice tray for ease of use when needed.

3. Pumpkin - is high in fiber and can help support the digestive system, can be an immune booster, and promotes eye, skin, and coat health. Keep in mind this is not pie filling, many people make this mistake. A little goes a long way, for that reason I use an ice cube tray to freeze the extras. A little tip… I like to add a drop of DigestZen essential oil to the cubes. If my dog needs some additional digestive support, then I have my pumpkin and oils already made up ready to go!

4. Coconut Oil - great for skin and coat, but may also have immune benefits against bacteria, fungi, and viruses due to its lauric acid content. Too much can cause diarrhea. I like to make up blueberry coconut oil “cookies”. Blueberries (bonus superfood) are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and have anti-inflammatory properties. I place a fresh blueberry into a silicone mold, then pour in the melted coconut oil, I pop them into the fridge to harden. When hard, I pop them out of the mold and bag them up to put in the freezer for future use. This is the hard coconut oil, not fractionated.

5. Turmeric - I personally use the doTERRA Essential Oil version, as it is simpler in my world than making it fresh. Turmeric is great to use with dogs to help support joints that may be affected due to age or hereditary problems.

This list is just scratching the surface of the many superfoods that can be beneficial to your dogs. Others include sweet potatoes, cranberries, salmon, apple cider vinegar, kelp, yogurt, carrots, and more.

That’s all for this week’s share!

Don’t forget to join me for my Wellness Wednesday happening LIVE in my Paws 4 Essential Oils Facebook group every Wednesday at 12 pm PST. If you are not yet a member, make sure to join in on our fun.. just don’t forget to answer the intake questions so we let you in.

Until next week!

XX ~ Bree


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