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4th of July Tips

In todays share I wanted to give you some tips and tricks to help your pups out, keeping them safe and sound on this up and coming holiday weekend.

Every dog is different, some don’t care about the festivities, like having a backyard full of friends, and fireworks banging and popping in the sky. If you have THAT dog, kudos to you. But even if you have that dog, you can still do a few things to make their day even better.

Now for those of you who have the dog that hides in terror over the bright flashing lights exploding in the sky, or the one that gets stressed out when you host your annual BBQ… well these tips are something you are going to want to take note of.

#1 ThunderShirt - there are many different versions of this one out on the market these days, but the ThunderShirt is the original, and that is what I own and have used for years. I know that they hold up, hence why it is the one that I recommend to my clients. Think about swaddling a fussy baby, this is the same idea, only for your dogs. (Bonus…you can add a drop of your dog’s favorite calming oil to the shirt). Click here for more info.

#2 Crate - if your dog is crate trained, this is the PERFECT time to have them utilize their crate. Most dogs love a hidey-hole, put a blanket or sheet over the top, and there you go! Using a crate will reduce the risk of your pup getting startled and running out the front door, jumping over the fence, or even worse running into the street. If your dog does not use a crate, then I recommend a room with the windows closed and the blinds are drawn.

#3 White Noise - this one can be a big help when the noise outside gets going. Turning on a fan, the radio or even the TV can help drown out the “scary” noises, allowing your dog to be calmer.

#4 DIFFUSE YOUR OILS - you knew this one was coming! Here is my favorite diffuser combo, best when used in a water-based diffuser placed on the intermittent setting, started at least 45 minutes PRIOR to the start of the event.

BIG BOOM DIFFUSER BLEND 2 drops Balance 2 drops Serenity 2 drops Vetiver 2 drops Copaiba

#5 Desensitize - pull up YouTube or do a quick search online for fireworks or even thunder noises and play on a very low setting to start. If you have a fearful dog, doing this NOW can be a huge help come time for the main event. Increase the sound level over multiple days. Even better, diffuse your oils for at least 45 minutes prior to playing for added support.

The work that you do now, will only help make you and your dog’s 4th of July a fun-filled, stress-free event for everyone involved.

Until next week!

All my Best ~ Bree




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