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Halloween Safely

Tomorrow is the BIG day.... even BIGGER if you have littles in your home!! Just imagine what your dog will think of all the crazy makeup, scary masks, and odd clothing.

Before I get started, I have to mention (squirrel) that I have been working hard on a whole new online project just for YOU. Make sure to click on the link at the bottom of the post so you can be "in the know" moving forward.

Ok, the squirrel has run off, and now let's chat about Halloween!! As responsible owners, it is our job to minimize the crazy and keep our pooches as calm and non-affected as possible. This can be a hard task depending on your dog, where you live, if you have kids, your having a party, ect.

So what can you do TODAY to help with what is inevitably happening tomorrow?


That's right, now is the time to be proactive. Start diffusing your pups favorite calming oil today...not tomorrow (well, you should do it tomorrow too). My favorites include Vetiver, Balance, Serenity, Steady*, and Calmer*. The point to starting today is to support your pup ahead of time, also because it is sooooo important that we use our oils before the actual need arises, so there is not a negative association.


Yep, another one of those that seem a little strange, but by doing this, your pampered pooch can sniff away and get used to the strange new get-up prior to it going on your or the kids. As a note, if you have a house with cats (which we do) make sure not to leave it laying on the know what will happen, it will become the new favorite sleep spot and will result in a bunch of cat hair!

So, today crisis averted....or so you hope! Here is what you can do TOMORROW.


I know, not everyone has a crate to use, but my point is to provide a safe spot for your pup while you may be away with the kids, handing out candy, or having a houseful of guests. The bottom line is, most dogs get REALLY STRESSED on Halloween based on the crazy behavior of the humans around them. Minimize this stress by giving them a safe and secure spot for them to stay.


Sounds like we should have a dance party....well at least not around the dog! Turn on some soothing music, a calm TV show, or use a fan to provide some white noise to drown out the comings and goings of your house guests.


Did I mention diffuse....yep, pretty sure that I did. Fire up your diffuser early in the day, so that you critters are calm, quiet, and relaxed when the haunting time is upon you. If you have a pup that is really effected I recommend putting their oil of choice on their rear pads, as well as petting along the spine for added support. If you have kids, I would just put it on yourself while you are at it!


If your kids are like mine (big or seems to be the same), they come home and make a pile of candy to "check out the loot". Make sure your dog is put away during this time as the last thing you want is the doing a "run by" to steal a mouthful of candy. Now many of you are saying..."Fifi wouldn't do that!", I challenge, is it worth taking the chance? Others of you are right with me, if you have THAT dog, you know what I am saying is true.

All in a

ll, keep your critters safe this Halloween by making good choices for them. You are their protector, they rely on you to keep them safe and out of harm's way.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our home to yours! ~ Bree

*Steady and Calmer are new oils available starting in November, want more info or to get your hands on them, make sure to reach out to me to get the best prices available.

Want to be included in our **NEW** PAWSITIVE PRINCIPLES ONLINE ACADEMY visit this link to join us to stay in the loop!

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