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Top 4 Travel Tips with Dogs

Your about to hit the road with your best four legged friend, here are the top 4 things to remember to take with you.

1. WATER, sounds simple enough, but water can wreak havoc on your pups tummy pending the source. Whether you are on city water, well water, or have a bottle service, plan on traveling with water from your main source. The last thing you want when you are out and about is a pup that has dietary upset.

2. FOOD, another no would think, but even I have misjudged the amount of food to travel with. Plus, if you are like me and don’t feed kibble, being prepared can be the difference between you pup have in a meal or going without. I normally feed a prey model diet, however when I travel I choose to transition (prior to going) to an easier travel food (if you are super curious...I use Ziwi Peak). I choose to take what I need, plus an additional 2-3 days worth of food, then I don’t have to worry about running short.

3. CRATE, now I know not everyone uses a crate (though I think everyone should). This is a tool that is great for so many situations, travel is on the top of my list for sure. If you have been following my blog posts, you know that I am a fan of crating your dog in the car, sometimes there is just not enough space, or the car is not big enough to take a crate. For those times, I like to throw in a collapsible wire crate, or a soft crate (for those that are well behaved), they take up little to no room and can provide a home away from home when reaching your destination, be it a friends house, a hotel, campground and more. This will also provide a safe spot if you need to go someplace they are not allowed, also giving them a spot to eat their meals.

4. DOTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS, another item that not every person uses, but we are slowly changing that. The oils I don’t leave home without may be a little surprising for some, but maybe not. Digestzen - for those occasional tummy discomforts (works on both ends). Helichrysum - for those just in case moments when you need to help wound care. Lavender - the Swiss Army knife of essential oils. Good for everything from seasonal allergies to scrapes and cuts. Bottom line is, I don’t leave home without them!

All in all, traveling with your dogs can be fun and rewarding when you are prepared. Nows the time to get your next trip planned with your pup. Ready go!

Do you have a must have item that you travel with? I would love to hear from you. Make sure to join the conversation on our FB page Pawsitive Principles with Bree @

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