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Bed or No Bed??

This is a long time debate between many people and in many cases people fall into one of two camps.

YES! I must have my beloved pooch with me at all times.

NO! I don’t want dog hair in the bed, nor the dog taking up my space.

So here is the skinny, my 2 cents, take it or leave it. If your dog has no behavioral issues then I say it is your choice on where you want your dog to sleep. BUT....if your dog has issues (yes even minor ones) then I HIGHLY recommend having your dogs sleep off the bed. I will take the advise a step further, and even recommend your dog sleep in a crate.

Many times at this stage people start to freak out thinking they are being “mean” or will hurt their dogs feelings. Dogs are like sponges they will do what is reinforced, also I would ask, who is in charge?

This is also a great time to diffuse a nice calming oil to help everyone sleep through the night. My favorites include Serenity, Balance, and Vetiver.

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