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Long While Coming!

My Helper!

Truth be told, I have struggled for the past year or so with the identity of my two businesses. Pawsitive Principles Dog Training and Paws 4 Essential Oils. At the time, having a second "catchy name" sounded like a great idea. The problem was then bringing them together in a cohesive way.

Fast forward to today! I DID IT!! I have officially spent the time (and money) to combine the two sites, creating Pawsitive Principles Training & Wellness. This has been a labor of love, and has been ridiculously time consuming, as I do all my own website work. Good thing I had my "helpers" along the way...yes, the four legged variety!

For those of you who are in business for yourself, you will understand. It is important that we stay the course and do "income producing" work. Which means, don't spend your time screwing around on FB looking at post after post (which we all know is easy to do). During this process, I even felt that building the new site (really transferring all the data to one, and giving it a face lift) was not moving me in the right direction. Which is a painful thought.

I had to keep reminding myself that THIS is my business, both training and oils, I share and promote them both along side each other, why not have them in one online presence. Silly me, now that the building journey is coming to an end, I am grateful of all the hours I have put into this labor of love.

I hope that you enjoy my new site, and find value in its information and content. <3

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