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Grandma's Green Candy Recipe is the BEST!

It is that time of year again, we all decorate our homes, prep for incoming family and friends to visit. Wrap presents for loved ones and in many homes there is a lot of baking going on.

Lets be honest...I am not a cook, let alone a baker. If it were not for my husbands cooking, we would all starve to death. Ok, will if I HAD to, I suppose I could keep us alive. ;) Which leads me to the ever important point of this post, my grandmothers Green Candy Recipe.

Green Candy has been a tradition in our home since I was just a wee one. I can remember sneaking into my grandmothers kitchen during the holidays, to "steal" the green candy from the cupboard. Times really have not changed, now it is my children sneaking into my kitchen to "steal" the candy.

Over the years, the making of green candy has been shared within my family, starting with one of my grandmothers, then the other picked up the fun. That tradition has since passed to myself and my husband (cause really it is a two person have to work quick!).

I have tried many different "variations" of green candy over the years, but this still stands as the BEST. I hope that you will take our recipe and make it part of your traditions in the years to come.

Here is what you need for one batch:

30 Large (normal size) Marshmellows

1 stick of butter (use REAL butter)

3.5 cups of plain Corn Flakes

Green Food Coloring

Red Hot Candies

Wax Paper

Bowl of water (to dip your fingers will be HOT)

Pan, Spoon, Spatula ;)

Melt all marshmellows and butter in pan. Once melted add green food coloring to desired color (don't be shy, the darker the better). Fold in the corn flakes, keep folding until covered completely with mix. Remove from heat, with spoon start to dish them onto the wax paper (this is where the bowl of water comes in...keeps your fingers from burning). Allow to set up, then use spatula to separate from wax paper. Add red candies and TA DA! You have the BEST GREEN CANDY around!

ps. Yes, I am wearing my red dog jammies! ;)

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