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Litter Box Hack

So many of us stuggle with finding the "perfect" cat litter box and I think I have found the solution!

I don't know about you, but my cats are slobs...litter everywhere, peeing over the side of the box....the list goes on. After looking online at many "hacks", and wanting to find the right fit to put into an existing cabinet, which meant getting the current litter boxes (yes...2 to be exact) out of the guest bath tub, I found this solution.

Items needed:

* 1 - 18 gallon roughneck tote

* 1 can Rustoleum Ultra Cover Paint Primer

* Exacto knife

* Sharpie

* Object to trace out hole (I used a 1 gallon paint can)

I will start by saying, the longest part of this was watching the paint dry...literally (which took all of 2 minutes really)! Take sharpie and traceable object, map out where you want your whole, stencil it out. Using the exacto knife, cut out hole. Outside, use the Rustoleum paint, paint the tub (I only did the outside). Ours took two coats, more becuase it was windy and we missed a couple of spots. Ta Da! You now have a ready to go cat litter box.

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