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Hitting the Colorado River via Canoe

On this day I have so much to be thankful, friends, my critters. We just came back from our 4th annual canoe trip down the Colorado River. The trip itself was 4 days and 68 miles from put in, to take out. However with our "awesome" paddling skills, I am sure the trip was closer to 100 miles. lol

We are blessed to have an amazing Boy Scout Troop to volunteer our time with, both my husband and I have active roles. I am the Committee Chair and my husband is our Equipement Chair (thank goodness, someone has to keep all our gear in working nice to have a handy hubby!)

Our trip consisted of 26 members of our troop, we enlisted the help of my parents and their friends to shuttle our vehicles down to our pickup point. Without them, the process would have been much harder.

Camping was primitive, which means that everything that we needed to survive was taken with us down the river. Meals were made and cooked by the boys, many slept in tents, some under the stars. Temps were COLD, which made sleeping on the ground more of an adventure! That is why we dress is layers, right?

Needless to say, we all survived and had an AMAZING time with our scouting family, we can't wait to do it again!

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