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13 Dog-Safe Diffuser Blends for the Holidays

This weeks blog is short and sweet... I have a freebie download for you (woooohooooooo!).

Check out our diffuser recommendations for a sweet smelling holiday home.

Even better, the doTERRA oils used are safe for your pets!  Remember when using oils in your home whether it be for diffusing, using topically or given internal, it is important to read your labels to ensure that you are doing what is safe for your family.  The quality of oils used can make a huge difference in safety for you and your pets, this is why I only use and recommend doTERRA.

Always first, when diffusing allow your pets to leave the room if they desire.   ~ Bree

PS. if you don't have a doTERRA wholesale account and want to save some money when purchasing, reach out to the person who introduced you OR reach out to me!  To check out the specific oils on our freebie, feel free to visit my doTERRA retail site, click the "shop" button at the top to read up on specific oils.



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Bring the holiday spirit to your home with these 13 holiday diffuser blends, all pet-friendly!


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